Brighten your look with rich colour. Whether you want highlights, balayage, or ombré, you can have hair colour that complements your eyes, your skin tones, and your favourite clothes.


Balayage starts at the root with a thin line of lighter colour, growing wider as it moves down toward the ends of your hair. It gives your hair a soft, sun-kissed look that’s all the rage in celebrity circles today.


Highlights perk up your face with lighter colour that blends in with your own. Like any other light colours, they reflect natural light, making your hair shine like never before. It just looks like you’ve spent the day in the sun.


Ombré on the other hand, takes your hair from dark to light in a seamless transition. Done well, it’s stunning. Drawing the eye of observers down through the length of your hair, ombré gives you a bold, beautiful look.

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