The freedom to choose feels fabulous. Turn your hair loose and capture the style of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a silky smooth Japanese straight perm or a beautiful beachy wave, we can make it happen.

But you can’t get that kind of style just anywhere. Because today’s perms demand an expert stylist familiar with the techniques that produce world-class perms, you need to choose a salon with experienced stylists that can get the job done. Our stylists educate themselves on the latest perm technology to create the hair you crave.

Here at Balance Hair & Nail Salon, we offer both Japanese and digital perms.

Japanese straight perm

Combine high-powered irons and carefully formulated products to turn your curls and frizz into sleek, smooth, perfectly straight hair.

Digital Perm

Turn stick-straight hair into gorgeous waves through applying a special solution to your hair, softening it so it will respond to the intense heat that creates waves that last for months.

Don’t settle for the hair nature dealt you. Choose your road to perfect hair. Make an appointment for your perm today.

perm Pricing

Japanese straight perm


Digital Perm


Short Hair