Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Digital Perm


Are you contemplating getting a digital perm?

Digital perms give you the option to transform straight hair into gorgeous, wavy locks. If you've been dying to get some more waves in your life on a daily basis, then digital perms are definitely the way to go.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you take the plunge and sign up for this special kind of perm.

Read on to get the insider's overview of everything you need to know about getting a digital perm, so that you can shake your luscious locks today!

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1. Digital Perms Use Heat Treatment and Restructuring

The first thing to keep in mind about digital perms is what they actually entail.

Perms, in general, are a type of hair treatment you can receive to achieve permanent curls or waves in your lovely locks. They typically involve heat treatment in order to shape the hair into a permanent curl.

Digital perms involve a heat and chemical treatment that changes the chemical makeup of your hair. Essentially, your stylist will treat your hair with chemicals that restructure each strand. Then, he/she will use hot rods to curl sections of hair.

Afterwards, your stylist will apply further chemicals to lock the shape into form. The result is wavy hair that you don't have to worry about for up to a year or more.

Digital perms are different from another type of permanent treatment called cold wave perms.

Cold wave perms basically don't use heat to achieve permanent curls and waves. They do involve the application of chemicals to lock structure in place around plastic curlers or rods. These aren't nearly as time intensive and can result in tighter curls.

If the idea of heat and hair restructuring freaks you out, don't worry. It is possible to choose a salon that uses high-quality chemicals and certified heat treatment to give you the best possible look.

You'll also want to have a consultation first before scheduling your digital perm to ensure it's right for you.

2. A Digital Perm Is An Investment

If you're thinking about getting a perm, keep in mind that it's an investment on multiple levels. Digital perms take several hours to complete, because your stylist will be giving attention to every strand of hair.

They also can be more expensive than cold wave perms, because of the time, chemicals, and heat treatment involved. Normally perms are priced at starting values and can increase in cost based off of thickness and length of your hair.

At Balance Hair and Nail Salon, we offer point perms starting out at a reasonable $40.

When you do book your perm, make sure you set aside a whole morning or afternoon to get it done.

3. It's Not for Everyone

Digital perms aren't for everyone. This could be because of how long they last. Most digital perms will last for at least a year, and some people don't want permanent curls for that long.

Other stylists recommend that digital perms suit people with thin and straight hair. Originally, in fact, digital perms came about as an Asian hair treatment.

If you also have a history of severely damaged hair, you may want to stay away from perms of any kind. This is because perms do apply chemicals to your hair and can aggravate any existing damage.

If you're trying to decide on whether or not a digital perm is right for you, consult your stylist. If a digital perm isn't right for you but you still want permanent curls, you can consider a variety of other perms.

4. The Results Are More Natural than Cold Perms

One of the largest benefits of digital perms is the result. In general, digital perms will give you fuller and more natural looking curls than other perms out there. This is particularly the case when you compare digital perms to cold wave perms.

If you're tired of your stick-straight hair and really want to look as if you've spent hours in front of the mirror with an array of curling irons, then digital perms are right for you.

However, if you want more of a beachy wind-tossed curl, you may want to consider another type of perm.

5. Digital Perms Still Require Maintenance

You may think that getting a perm means you don't have to take care of your hair ever again. But this actually isn't the case.

You'll still have to take care of your hair after getting a digital perm. Some individuals will encounter extra frizzing in the weeks following a perm due to the heat treatment and restructuring.

It's important to treat your hair with keratin-boosting products to bring out the shine in your new curls. You'll also want to investigate anti-frizz cremes and sprays, and bring home some high-quality shampoo and conditioner to give your new curls some extra love.

Keep in mind that digital perms do restructure your hair. They involve the application of some intense chemicals to your locks. It is possible to find treatments that aren't as harsh on your hair, but you'll also want to invest in some hair products that can help counterbalance the treatment.

6. Talk to a Stylist for More Information

The best way to determine whether a digital perm is right for you is to consult a stylist. Your stylist will be able to choose the best solution for your desire for permanent curls.

At Balance Nail and Hair Salon, we're here to help you with your new look. Give us a call anytime.

Everything You Need to Know about Digital Perms

If you've been longing for some constant curls, a perm may be your golden solution. Digital perms use heat treatment and restructuring to give you full body curls that last for six months to a year at a time.

That being said, they aren't for everyone. They require a financial and time commitment, and are ideal for people with very thin and straight hair. You'll still have to take care of your curls after receiving your perm.

Yukihiro Saito