Meet RollerBall F - Better Digital Perm, Hair Colouring and treatment

At Balance Hair Studio we are always looking for an exciting and ground-breaking technologies to deliver best possible results to our clients. We are excited to announce new arrival - RollerBall F, that will change the way hair design is done.

A far-infrared hair processor is essential for effectively processing colour, perms, and other treatments. The world's first far-infrared dome with a rotating ring was implemented in the ROLLER BALL, a leading Takara Belmont product. With an open feeling and chic-yet-functional style that you don't find in hood-based processors, it remains popular in Japan—and the rest of the world—more than 20 years after its first release.

Now, a new generation of The Rollerball has arrived - The RollerBall F (F stands for the Future)!

It brings new possibilities in hair design. Speed, power, and a rotating ring help colour and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster delivering enhanced results that last.

There are several reasons why we are so EXCITED to INTRODUCE our clients to RollerBall F

  • No discomfort during the process - thanks to even heat distribution with rotating mechanism

  • 50% less processing time spent in the salon

  • Less chemical damage to the hair from colour, perms and chemical services

  • More vibrant colours to show your unique hair style

  • Longer lasting results for colours and perms

Be the first to experience all-new RollerBall F. Only at Balance